"Flying the Flag of Freedom"
Edmond Oklahoma
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LibertyFest 2021 “Flying the Flag of Freedom”

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LibertyFest ParadeThursday, June 24 thru Saturday, July 4

LibertyFest has 8 Festival Events to excite, entertain and dazzle our Festival audience. On the 4th of July, Fireworks will start at 9:30 pm.

See City of Edmond 4th Special Bus / Parking Information

LibertyFest in Edmond, Oklahoma was selected as one of the top 10 places to be in America on July 4th. It is a multi-event celebration of the birthday of this great nation & the heritage of our fine state.

LibertyFest entertains an attendance of over 125,000 annually and is organized and produced by a group of over 500 volunteers. It hosts Oklahoma’s largest hometown 4th of July parade with over 100 entries. The grand finale of LibertyFest will be the Fireworks and entertainment on the evening of July 4th. The Fireworks display is the largest in the Oklahoma City metro area. Please join us in thanking our wonderful volunteers, they have been working hard to provide the ‘best and safest family-friendly, 4th of July events for Edmond citizens and our guests. Remember to keep your belongings close to you and consider placing a tag on your backpack, diaper bag, and other items that include your name and phone number.

THINGS YOU WANT TO KNOW about LibertyFest 2021:

  • The 4th of July parade is in for Downtown Edmond. GET PARADE DETAILS. The application deadline is Sunday, June 13th. Every year on the day of the parade there is no parking on Broadway from 2nd street to Ayers. The Cross streets are no parking back to the alleys for Broadway. Edmond Police will be doing security sweeps of the parade route before the parade. Any vehicle parked in the above-mentioned area after 7:45 am will be impounded. The Edmond Police department would like to inform as many people in advance as possible of this fact. We hope to have a fun and enjoyable parade and do not want to inconvenience anyone. However, due to the number of people attending this large function certain security measures are necessary. Thank you for your cooperation in advance and have a great holiday. Thank you,  Edmond Police Department 
  • The Fireworks will be at Hafer Park and the “Fireworks Staging Area”, the areas around it in all directions will be closed to walking, driving, and parking at 4 pm.
  • Be kind to your pets, no animals permitted at the Parade, ParkFest, and Fireworks.
  • Drones are NOT permitted to fly at any LibertyFest event.
  • See our new Vendor information page. The application deadline is May 15th.

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Mission Statement

Edmond’s July 4th Festival is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 operation made up of individual volunteers from the Edmond area. Its purpose is to produce a series of family-oriented events around the 4th of July to celebrate the Birthday of this great nation and the Heritage of this fine State. As the host city of LibertyFest, Edmond showcases a series of events that help enhance the quality of life in Edmond, show pride in the community, support for non-profit and civic organizations, and provides educational opportunities.

LibertyFest brings together the resources of the City of Edmond, the University of Central Oklahoma, area businesses, civic organizations, families, and individuals to sponsor and support the Festival events.

Libertyfest Pin

LibertyFest Pins
The 2021 LibertyFest Collector Pin is available for $5 each. 
If you are interested in purchasing the LibertyFest Pin email info@libertyfest.org with your request and contact information and someone will get back to you. Thank you.
To Volunteer
A LibertyFest Collector's T-shirt (a $10 value) is provided to each volunteer while supply lasts. Hurry limited supply available. To volunteer for LibertyFest, call/text 405-820-9667 or email info@libertyfest.org
Think about it... LibertyFest has ten different events generally beginning in June through July 4th. You can volunteer for a few hours and be a part of one of the best events Edmond has to offer. It's Fun And Easy! Email and let us know your name, best contact phone and time to contact you.

Please note, drones will not be allowed at any LibertyFest Event.